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Current University: Northwestern University

Current Studies: Chemical Engineering, with minors in Material Sciences and Economics

Graduating as one of the top scholars of Auckland Grammar School in 2018 with exemplary CIE results, Steven received offers from several prestigious international universities; notably Imperial College London and Northwestern University. Steven has a strong aptitude for the sciences, evident through his multiple NZQA scholarships and awards in the International Biology and Chemistry Olympiads. His top-grade understanding of his subjects combined with his years of tutorage experience has shaped him as a knowledgeable, well-rounded individual, highly capable to help students reach their full potential.



Current University: The University of Melbourne

Current Studies: Finance and Accounting

Daniel graduated from ACG Parnell College in 2018 with outstanding CIE results, receiving many offers from universities in his home country Australia. After deliberating between the Australian National University (ANU), The University of Sydney, and The University of Melbourne,  he ultimately decided on Melbourne, where he is currently undertaking his studies in Finance and Accounting. Daniel had always been certain of his conviction and enthusiasm towards the field of law and intends to continue studies for the Melbourne Juris Doctor upon graduation next year. In his free time, Daniel enjoys playing the piano and exploring new places. He is an accomplished individual who is committed to guiding his fellow students towards success.

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Current University:

London School of Economics and Political Science

Current Studies: Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

Judy has a passion for Philosophy, Economics and English Literature and is a strong advocate that this passion should be expressed in one’s chosen course of study at tertiary level. After graduating high school with brilliant CIE results and a NZQA English Scholarship, she has decided to pursue her interests at the world-renowned London School of Economics reading for a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Here, Judy remains committed to her enthusiasm for Model United Nations developed during high school; she has staffed at LSEMUN and LIMUN despite only being in her first year, the latter being the biggest MUN conference in Europe. Outside of academics, Judy has a keen appreciation for aestheticism and enjoys exploring the classical literary scene which she believes is a sine qua non of studying the social sciences. She supports the interdisciplinarity of academics and is committed to bringing out the best in her students.


Current University:

Northwestern University

Current Studies: Statistics and Materials Engineering 

Jennifer graduated from Morrison Academy as valedictorian, an outstanding achievement, and subsequently received admission offers from multiple highly selective international universities such as Northwestern University, Johns Hopkins University, Rice University, UCLA and UC Berkeley. She decided to attend Northwestern University to pursue a double major in Materials Science & Engineering with Statistics. Jennifer has a love for public speaking and has previously participated in many policy and public forum debate tournaments over the course of her high school years. She continues this passion today as a debate judge for national tournaments located across Taiwan. Jennifer has years of tutoring experience and loves working with students!



Current University:

Northwestern University

Current Studies: Chemical Engineering 

Fred graduated from a private school in Vancouver with a 4.5/4 weighted GPA. He studied 12 Advanced Placement courses with the highest possible grade in courses including AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C Mechanics, AP Physics C E & M and AP Micro/Macro. He currently attends Northwestern University,  where he studies Chemical Engineering with a 3.94/4 GPA, achieving top marks in high difficulty courses such as Organic Chemistry, Multivariable Calculus and Physics. Fred works as a peer tutor for linear algebra at his university which gives him apt experience in teaching and relaying information. He is an enthusiastic individual with an abundance of knowledge and patience to offer the utmost support to his students.



Current University:

Northwestern University

Current Studies:  Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics with a minor in music

Jun graduated from one of the top co-ed middle/high schools in Japan as one of the valedictorians in the cohort for his track, and was the 3-time winner of his school’s annual award for academic and extracurricular achievement. Making the decision to apply to college in the United States while he was in high school, he took the relevant examinations for US college admissions and earned the following scores: 1560/1600 on the SAT (top 1%), 800/800 on both the Math 2 and Physics subject tests, and 119/120 on the TOEFL exam. Jun gained acceptances to Northwestern, Duke, the University of California (Berkeley, UCLA, and San Diego), Amherst, Haverford, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Purdue. He also won the Yanai Tadashi Foundation Scholarship, a scholarship established by the founder of the clothing brand UNIQLO that provides students with $95,000 x 4 years to cover college tuition, as well as research and living expenses. 




Current University:

Harvard University 

Current Studies: Statistics and Economics

Ziyi is a rising sophomore with a presumptive concentration in Statistics and a secondary field in Economics at Harvard University. Having been accepted under the Early Action Program, she stood out from the candidate pool with her excellence and expertise in essay writing and mathematical skills. She received a 1530 on SAT and two full scores(800) in math and chemistry subject tests, respectively. Out of the eight AP tests she took, she scored full marks(5) in seven of them. Receiving an A+ in an honor Masterpieces (a specified literature writing class she took in senior year), she is packaged with a skill set that is needed for both basic and advanced English writing. She has won numerous academic awards in high school, namely Bausch and Lomb Science Medal and Scholarship, Continental Math League Award For excellence, Math Outstanding Scholarship Award and Science Scholastic Scholarship. On top of her normal school track, she also interned and conducted demanding lab research in Engert’s lab at Harvard for two consecutive summers. Having been teaching essay writing, especially college essay writing, and subject tests for over a year, she has gained abundant experience in effective communication, which is essential to the smooth running of tutoring, and has been well applauded by her past students for her dedication and patience.



Current University:

University of Auckland

Current Studies: Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Alex graduated from Auckland grammar as part of the class of 2018, ranking in the top 10 of his cohort. During his tenure at high school, he maintained his position in the A stream and earned a spot on the Honours Board for academic achievement in his sixth and seventh form years. After graduating, he pursued the infamously competitive first-year Biomedical Science entry pathway into medicine at the University of Auckland, where he achieved a perfect core GPA and scored in the top 1% in the University Clinical Aptitude Test. He is currently studying Medicine at UoA, with a view to specialising into neurology or immunology in the future. Alongside his intimate knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, he retains a passion for other branches of biology, as well as chemistry. Having once also had difficulty with academics, Alex is familiar with the steps necessary to regain one’s academic footing. He is eager to aid others who are in the same predicament as he was and also instil in them the habits which bring out the potential academic ability in his students.



Current University:

Imperial College London

Current Studies: Biological Sciences

David graduated from King’s College with phenomenal Cambridge examination results; a bona fide “Top in New Zealand” scholar. He received many admission offers from top universities around the world including Imperial College London, University College London (UCL), King's College London, National University of Singapore (NUS) and The University of Melbourne, ultimately deciding to attend Imperial College London where he is currently in the final year of his Biological Sciences degree. David is extremely enthusiastic about the field of life sciences research and has been offered a place in the summer research program at Stanford University. With years of tutorage experience working for global private education companies, David is skilled at ensuring academic success.



Current University: Australian National University

Current Studies: Law and Accounting

Kevin is a high achieving student, especially in the fields of Accounting and English Language, and was the ACG Parnell College Dux in 2018. Kevin finished high school with outstanding CIE results and has since then commenced his tertiary studies at the Australian National University (ANU) for a double degree in Accounting and Law. At university, Kevin has continued to build upon his highschool success and is fully committed to his passion. Outside of academics, Kevin is an eager basketball player and an avid chess player, often participating in many tournaments! He is an efficient and hardworking individual who is competent at developing high achievers.



Current University:

Imperial College London

Current Studies: Civil Engineering 

Robert graduated from King's College back in 2017. He is an all-rounder who had previously been the Deputy Head of House for Academics. He is also a proficient musician, a clarinetist and french hornist, often participating in many school band events during high school. Robert was named one of the key scholars of King’s College in 2017 after he received the top grade in New Zealand for A-Level Mathematics, testifying to his skill in Mathematics and Physics. He received offers from many universities around the world and ultimately decided to attend Imperial College London, where he is currently studying a conjoint Bachelors & Masters degree in Civil Engineering. Robert has professional experience both in the field of Engineering, scoring several prestigious internships, as well as the field of tutoring, where he has culminated a vast amount of knowledge through the years.

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Current University:

Harvard University 

Current Studies: Fine Arts with Pure Mathematics

Meiqin is currently enrolled as an undergraduate in Harvard University, having been accepted early, with a vote from every member of the admissions board. She was a National Merit Scholarship finalist, with an SAT score of 1570, and ranked #3 in her high school for maths. Meiqin is a talented scholar, receiving the highest possible score(5) in nine out of the eleven Advanced Placement courses she took. She also applied for early action- and received admission- to other public universities compatible with Harvard’s restrictive early action policy, namely the University of Virginia, Purdue University, and the University of Michigan. Meiqin is pursuing a degree in fine arts with a possible joint concentration in pure math. An experienced tutor in SAT prep, mathematics, foreign language and college preparation, Meiqin is dedicated to the academic future of her students.



Current University:

Imperial College London 

Current Studies: Mathematics and Computing 

Caesar graduated at the top of his class in high school and continues to stand out even at the highly specialised and prestigious Imperial College London. In high school, he not only achieved outstanding Cambridge A-Level examination results but also participated in a variety of International Math/Physics competitions where he ranked 12th in the world for the AAPT physics competition hosted by the American Association of Physics Teachers. Caesar received offers at many institutions including Cambridge University and Imperial College London after scoring near full marks in the Mathematics Admissions Tests (MATs), placing in the top 1% of applicants. He represented his current university attending summer internships at distinguished companies such as Huawei, Tencent and DJI. Caesar has years of tutoring experience working with a multitude of private companies around the world.



Current University:

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Current Studies: Urban and Regional Planning  

Jean is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Hons) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Jean is a recent graduate of the International Baccalaureate program with acceptances from University College London (1st in the World in her area of study), King's College London, University of Edinburgh and more. She decided to study in Melbourne because it was closer to home. Jean excelled at English and Geography among other subjects in high school. She is involved with her university’s creative magazine as well as the student staff consultative committee and spends her time alternating between Auckland and Melbourne.



Current University:

University of Michigan

Current Studies: Computer Science, with minors in Digital Studies

Wendy graduated from ACG Parnell College in 2018 as a well-rounded scholar with a clear vision for her future. With offers from UCLA, the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney, she ultimately chose to major in Computer Science at the University of Michigan with plans to continue with an accelerated masters program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Wendy believes academics are interdisciplinary and is well-read in both the STEM and Arts field. As such, she excelled in her SAT II Subject Tests with a score of 790 and 800 in English and Maths & Physics respectively as well as scoring 36 in her ACT- the highest score possible! Wendy’s love for Computer Science, especially robotics, was bred during her high school problem solving days where she participated in the International Young Physicist Tournament, where her team came away with an exceptional national ranking. At university, she continues her passion; working on the autonomous driving of a Mars Rover. With two years of tutorship experience, Wendy is the quintessential tutor for any student seeking academic excellence and expression.

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Current University:

Northwestern University

Current Studies: Computer Science and Communication 

Cindy went to a prestigious public high school in Taiwan and graduated with excellence awards from her extracurricular activities. Ambitious and driven, Cindy decided to challenge herself via tertiary study in the US; the process whereby to reach her goal must be entirely self-guided. Hard work coupled with natural talent saw Cindy’s admission to several top institutions for engineering, including  Northwestern University, the University of Southern California, the University of Michigan and the Georgia Institute of Technology. She accepted the invitation to join the Murphy Institute of Scholar at Northwestern School of Engineering and currently studies at Northwestern University doing a dual degree program in Computer Science and Communication Studies. Cindy is particularly passionate about design and human-computer interaction and recognises the importance of being at an institution where interests can be nurtured at a world-class standard. Having experienced personally the struggles of applying to US universities from a local high school, Cindy helped her juniors with the process and would be more than willing to extend her assistance to anyone else facing the same struggles.

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